My comics range from humorous slice-of-life to serious sequential work. I cover topics close to my own life, such as Queer and Jewish identity. You’ll find my various projects here:


A comic about sad, funny, and true things, often all three at once- s/f/t is a repository for all my observations, explorations of identity, and political expressions. Stories range from single panel to multi-page sequentials.

The Gathering of Sparks

Sayiph is a pious swordswoman pursuing an advanced education. Arezah is a lively adventurer studying with a beloved mentor. When they cross paths, they first must learn to withstand each other, but soon find they must work together to defend their communities against nefarious outside forces.

Based on Medieval North African and Middle Eastern Jewish culture, “The Gathering of Sparks” combines historical Jewish Kaballah with fantasy adventure.

gathering of sparks montage

Lior the Hidden

“ליאור הטומטום / Lior the Hidden” is a story that takes place in the “Gathering of Sparks” universe. It features a young girl, Lior, who presents as male, but assigns herself no real gender. Lior faces bullying and isolation, and turns to archery and camping for comfort. However, a wrong turn for Lior’s bully marks a change in Lior’s life.

Juha and the Bears

This comic is a Syrian myth adapted by A. David Lewis and produced for CYRIC, which provides free comics to refugee children that feature stories from their own culture. Juha the Wise Fool is one such figure. I produced the artwork and lettered the English translation.

juha preview

political & editorial

Comics that provide commentary on politics and society.

grab him by the box

places you find cats

This comic is exactly what you think it is: comics of places where you can find cats. I started this when I was working a boring day job literally pushing paper around. So I started making pictures of cats in all the places they can be found. Turns out, it’s a LOT of places- more than 300 comics and counting. I’ve self-published 2 books and have plans for a 3rd.

places you find cats