My illustrations put a spotlight on marginalized communities, courageous (often unsung) political and historical figures, and nerdy pop culture. I don’t shy away from controversial subject matter, especially when it touches me personally in some way. I work with traditional media as well as digitally, and often use a hybrid of the two.

  • Moscow Mitch
  • kitbull at home
    After watching the brilliant Pixar short “Kitbull,” I was inspired to make a piece showing the protagonists happy in their adopted home. See if you can make out what the newspaper says.

queer zoology series

What started with a single terrible pun and accompanying illustration blossomed into an entire series of animals and LGBTQ identities. Possibly my most popular item when I table at conventions are buttons and prints featuring these illustrations. I’ve also opened a shop that sells items featuring these designs.

As I learn more about the diversity of the animal world, I seem to always be able to come up with new puns, even when I think I’ve run out of them!