Refund Policy

Physical Goods

Sometimes an item will arrive damaged, or not arrive at all. I will arrange either a replacement for you or a refund. Please contact me directly about this, with accompanying photos in the case of a damaged item.

Digital Goods

Barring some kind of unusual circumstance, I am unable to offer refunds on digital downloads. Unfortunately, I am just one independent cartoonist, not a behemoth book/everything else-seller. Fortunately, however, this means you can speak to me directly about any:

Special Circumstances

Sometimes unusual things happen in life. If you found out you purchased by mistake and need to contact me regarding your order, use my contact form or email me directly at emily[at] I will respond to you within 1-2 business days.

Please Don’t Treat Me Like A Library.

I’m trusting you to be honest though and to not just download the book, claim you made a mistake, pester me for a refund, and then keep it anyway. Please ask your local library to stock my work, though, if you want to be able to borrow it. Libraries are amazing. I’d love to have my work in one.